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Stay tuned as We Ain't Petty brings you T-Shirts, Caps and more fun memorabilia.

It will all be available this summer in our  merchandise store here online on our official website and of course at all of our shows.

Would you like to have We Ain't Petty play at your venue or event?  It's easy to do.  Just visit our booking section here on and hook up with Mike Greene @ the Greener Agency.

We are now open to taking bookings for the  2017 calendar year.

"In the many years I have known Barry, his two loves have been sports and music.  Since he can't recreate Sidney Crosby's goals, he's chosen to do Tom Petty's music instead." 

                                - Derringer (Q107)

"Not gonna lie Barry, I clicked

on this thinking you wouldn't be

very good.  I was so wrong.

You can sing man." 

                                - Gerry Dee

We Ain't can we be...there is only 1 Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. What we are, is a live tribute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician and band, The Heartbreakers.

We Ain't Petty is led by long time musician and TV personality Barry Davis, who's joined by top notch, veteran musicians, who pay tribute to the legendary band.

From American Girl to You Don't Know how it feels, "We Ain't Petty" takes you on a journey through Petty's prolific history.

We Ain't Petty... We're a live Tribute




We Ain't Petty will be playing

Linsmore Tavern

Saturday December 16th, 2017.

 Show starts at 9:30 PM  - 1 AM


We Ain't Petty will be playing

Drums n Flats

Friday December 8th, 2017.

Doors at 7 PM.  Show starts at 9:30 PM  - 12:30 AM


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